Welcome, we are SDC.

Fellow residents of the Big Easy SITUS DEVELOPMENT COLLECTIVE,LLC.,(SDC) is pleased to share with you that its team has been short listed to compete for the honor of being selected as the Master Developer to re-imagine the Six Flags site in New Orleans East .

Many of you may have watched or read stories in the local media concerning the selection process and the proposals submitted . SDC thought it best that you hear directly from us . We appreciate the air time and column inches given to this process but we know that it is difficult for media outlets to delve deeply into competing visions given time and space limitations.

Therefore we would like to share our vision with the people of New Orleans directly . Over the next few weeks we will post a series of excerpts from our 102 page proposal submitted to the City of New Orleans . These snippets will cover everything from “ how we do that there “ to “ where the money resides .”

It is our hope that you will embrace our vision as “ naturally New Orleans “- “ya heard me !” We truly feel that what we are proposing will make New Orleans East : the next great neighborhood in the Crescent City ; spur continued development ; create a sense of place for our youth , adults and seniors ; provide short and long term employment opportunities ; active and passive recreation uses ; living , working , dining and shopping opportunities ; and a research institute focused on living with water in a changing climate .

We have heard that our vision is ambitious but New Orleanians are nothing if not resilient , creative and visionary . We invite you to return to our site often to review our ideas as they are posted .

SixFlags/Jazzland Development Master plan
We welcome our community to view the Development Master plan Images and Programming.


SixFlags/Jazzland Site Proposal

Our team at SDC would like to share

our vision with the people of New Orleans directly.

Click below to view information from our SixFlags/Jazzland Proposal.