Welcome, we are SDC.

Wendell Armant and Gerald Billes have been steadfast in our commitment to crafting a Development Firm that caters to community and societal needs while upholding our design philosophy.

Our endeavors are driven by the enduring principle: “Surround yourself with nothing that you do not find beautiful.”

The developmental journey commences with a profound sense of place. We employ a collaborative and interactive approach, beginning with the SITE assigned to us or the one we choose ourselves! It is within this framework that we assemble the COLLECTIVE of professionals who breathe life into our vision. Throughout this process, SDC adheres to the time-tested stages of concept development, feasibility analysis, planning, financing, project construction, project management, and operation/handover. The efficient execution of these foundational elements not only ensures project success but also enables SDC to pursue its design and sustainability objectives.


Municipal Project(s)

Community Center / Emergency Shelter

On a scorching summer day, Architect Gerald Billes, Principal at SDC, received a call from a Digital Native who had recently been elected mayor of a small city in Louisiana. The mayor explained that he had several priorities, some fully funded and others partially funded, that had been neglected for almost a decade, and he was eager to turn them into reality for his community.

The Mayor proposed an in-person meeting to discuss his priorities and to gauge Gerry’s interest in collaborating with the city. Over lunch at Houston’s in New Orleans, the Mayor laid out his vision, and it became evident that there was a natural alignment between his vision for a modern city and SDC’s Development ethos.

Within two weeks, the Principals visited the city. To the Mayor’s surprise, they presented a seven-figure Letter of Intent for the partially funded Community Center/Emergency Shelter project. With the solid prospect of Matching Funds, the newly elected mayor was able to kick-start a decade-old project that had languished under prior administrations by August of his first year in office.

The following images will visually narrate our Development Process.

SixFlags/Jazzland Development Master plan
We welcome our community to view the Development Master plan Images and Programming.
SixFlags/Jazzland Site Proposal

Our team at SDC would like to share

our vision with the people of New Orleans directly.

Click below to view information from our SixFlags/Jazzland Proposal.